Grey Squirrel

After a light wintery shower overnight I decided to walk into my local park to get some shots of Squirrels in the snow. By the time I’d made my way into Mote Park later that afternoon much of the snow had melted. I Watched this Squirrel for around 20 minutes . Busily collecting leaves to line it’s dray and stopping to eat the odd Beech nut, it then decided to take a quick nap in the warmth of sun.

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Barn Owl at sunset.

I watched this Barn Owl hunting for around an hour until it got dark. Makes putting in the hours finding the location worth while.

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Digital Art

Something new for me. Using my own photographs and manipulating them in photoshop to produce bright striking images of wildlife.

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48 hours in the life of a Badger sett

This is a short film made up of 30 second trail cam clips. The cam was placed on the outskirts of a Badger sett and left for 48 hrs. None of the clips were removed from the timeline so this is a true representation of the movement of the badgers and their interaction with each other. The film contains recordings of the Badgers digging out new areas of the sett, well-grown cubs playing and chasing around a tree and communal grooming and scent marking. It’s certainly worth watching right untill the end.


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On an average day out with the camera shooting wildlife I spend most of my time creeping up on my subject hoping not to spook them as I try to get as close as possible. But on this occasion the Cormorant was very obliging letting me take multiple shots without even glancing in my direction. This one was on the River Medway near Maidstone.



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Little Owl

I like all the Owls native to Great Britain but I think the Little Owl has to be my Favourite. They have such great characters, almost always looking grumpy. Every time I see one I’m surprised at how small they are. This one is from Elmley National Nature Reserve.

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Views across Elmley NNR

Whilst spending a lot of my spare time at Elmley National Nature Reserve over the winter I have collected quite a few sunrise and sunset landscapes. These are my favourite’s.


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